Your puppy is guaranteed, until it reaches 12 months of age, against hereditary defects that result in severe impairment or need for euthanization. In such cases, your puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal value as soon as availability permits and as long as Smart Jack Russell Puppies Home exist. This puppy will be provided only after production of medical verification of the hereditary defect or an autopsy report from a veterinarian and I will option of having my vet confirm defect. Shipping & handling & vet expenses will be the responsibility of the Breeder.

CLARIFICATION OF HEREDITARY DEFECT: Transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring by a code embodied in the genes and chromosomes. The tendency of an organism to develop in the likeness of its progenitors because of such transmission. An individual genetic inheritance transmitted by biological heredity from parents or ancestors passed on by ones forebears (genes). Patellar Luxation may be the result of mishandling, injury or increased weight gain, therefore is covered by this health guarantee.
  • 1.  I certify the dog to have had its first set of vaccinations. You are responsible for the remaining (2) sets of shots, plus annual boosters. As above this guarantee is for genetic hereditary defects. This kennel is not responsible for any airborne or communicable diseases such as parvo, coccidian, giardia, distemper, rabies or any other infectious diseases the puppy may pick up after leaving the premises. We take every precaution to prevent illness, but a pups immune system is immature at time of transferring to a new home. Be very careful where you take your pup until fully immunized against the above diseases.
  • 2.  Under no circumstances will Smart Jack Russell Home be responsible for veterinary fees accumulated by our clients for this dog or its offspring. Nor will we be prepared to take any dog or puppy back that becomes ill once after one year, all sales are final.  We do not take any responsibility for a dog’s demise while under anesthetic.
  • 3.  It’s your responsibility to keep your puppy or dog in a healthy condition.  The training and housebreaking of the dog or puppy is your responsibility, even though we do it before puppy leaves. Owner is responsible for the full education of her puppy. But you will not have to bother much as all puppies come with JRT manual or booklet that will educate you on how to take very good care of the puppy
  • 4.  Its your responsibility to take your puppy to the vet for health check with 48 hrs. Otherwise this contract is null and void.